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7.8.-28.8.2020 // Eeli Saaristo: Means to an End

Näyttely auki joka päivä klo 12-16. Means to an End Do you remember the first time you encountered a windmill? In general, one thinks of scenic car drives--of the stifling heat of the vehicle in which, perhaps in the summertime, the gilded hazy summertime of youth, you bear witness to the monolith-cum-behemoth. The pulverisation of the landscape or seascape from which the windmill arises happens instantly. This act of distortion, however sudden, is paradoxically the result of perpetual motion; the windmill cannot help itself; it must turn ceaselessly. As you pass the windmill, it will continue its Sisyphean task.   The paintings that comprise Means to an End feature readily invoke three elements: the sea, the wind, and the windmill. They are captured from various angles, giving ample room to gaze, study, and contemplate them. Paradoxically, however, the gesture which offers these works for us is the antithesis of the elements it portrays. The movement in the scene is rendered motionles